SEO Marketing for Dietitians and Nutritionists

Learn how to get more clients to your nutrition business from Google, with blogging and Search Engine Optimization.

Aren’t you tired of wasting time on Social Media?

seo for dietitians
Quit letting Self-Proclaimed Diet Gurus eat your lunch.

Dietitians Deserve More.

Dietitians are among the most highly trained, yet lowest-paid experts in the healthcare industry.

Yet, we have the high-value knowledge and skills to make a major impact on the health of the people we see, and to help reduce strain on the healthcare system by teaching people to make lifestyle changes that prevent and slow the progression of chronic disease.

dietitian marketing skills

But, when you become a dietitian, they don’t teach you how to do marketing.

And, If we want to gain the respect, and money we deserve, we must know how to market and sell ourselves. Nobody else is going to do this for us.

And the longer we wait, the more self-proclaimed nutrition gurus there are that will swoop in to fill the void, using the same marketing skills you could start learning and applying today.

It’s time to take your place at the table. And the tools of online marketing can help you do it.

  • Brand yourself as a nutrition expert
    (because you are!)
  • Reach more clients who are looking for your help
  • Displace the reign of internet diet gurus
Get more Traffic, more Clients, and make a bigger impact using SEO
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registered dietitian jon lanman
Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Online Nutrition Coach Certified

The SEO Dietitian

Hi, My Name’s Jon.

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Clinical Exercise Physiologist. But, before I became an RD I worked in online marketing for over 10 years, with an emphasis in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I’ve seen idiots with no foundational knowledge in nutrition, build empires because they know how to do SEO and online marketing.

It’s now my mission to flip the table on nutrition gurus, and help RD’s claim their place at the table by pairing their nutrition knowledge with a solid foundation in online marketing and SEO.

SEO for Dietitians

Why is it so important?

SEO is about so much more than just search engines. It also helps you to create a marketing strategy for your business, based on the content and information that people are actually looking for.

If you’re putting any time into online marketing, without a knowledge of SEO, you’re wasting time and effort.

online marketing and SEO for Dietitians

1) SEO Creates Free Traffic to your website

When you create a solid SEO strategy and implement it on your website, you’ll create a consistent flow of traffic to your website. The best part, these are qualified people who are actively looking for the information and help you’re offering.

2) SEO can provide the basis for your social media strategy

A lot of dietitian marketing coaches will teach you to use Instagram or TikTok. But, this is short-sighted. If you start with an SEO strategy, you can create content that increases traffic to your own website, and then use that content to feed your social media campaigns.

3) Diet gurus are using SEO to provide garbage information

How often have you found bogus nutrition information online? These bloggers and influencers are often making a fortune by offering bad information. The public needs you to know SEO.

The Dietitian’s SEO Roadmap

1) Create an SEO Friendly Website
2) create a content plan using Keyword research
3) Write and Optimize webpages for SEO
4) Promote your content through Email & Social Media
5) Increase your traffic, and grow your nutrition business

Want to Learn SEO to Grow your Nutrition Business?

I’m currently developing a class on SEO for dietitians, that will cover the basic steps to get you started. If you’re interested in learning more or want to be notified when the class is available, please feel free to contact me below.